Betsey Johnson Let’s Polka One-Piece Swim Dress

Spotted Retro Yellow Swimsuit

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Posted: Jun 3 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Betsey Johnson Lets Polka Swim DressBetsey Johnson's always been inspired by retro fashions, but she's rarely as blatant about her influences as she is here with the Let's Polka swim dress.

This cute polka dotted swimsuit could easily have stepped out of the 1950s. Its spotted finish and jaunty blue bow are very retro, but this is no mere fashion throwback. Vintage swimsuits were made from neutral conservative colors, but this one isn't a shrinking violet. Its cheery yellow hue is very modern, especially paired with the bold blue trim and accents.

I love Betsey Johnson's decision to make this a swim dress, rather than a traditional one-piece swimsuit. Its skirt makes it much more feminine, and it also helps to hide any cellulite or wobbly thighs. I love a cut that combines fashion with body flattery as this one does so well!

Betsey Johnson has hidden a few extras inside to make sure this one-piece swim dress has just the right fit. Its shoestring straps are fully adjustable and its bust fitted with underwire, just like the very best lingerie. Its top also features foam padding to give girls that need it a bit of a boost.

It is a pricy proposition at $198 though. However when compared with the Betsey Johnson bikinis, which are always sold as separates, it's not too expensive for a coordinated vintage beach look.

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