Betsey Johnson Knotty Girl Hobo Handbag

Nautical Red Canvas Beach Bag

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Posted: Sep 26 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Betsey Johnson Knotty GirlBetsey Johnson reins in her natural fashion flamboyance for this relatively sedate Knotty Girl hobo. Its fun nautical feel and generous dimensions make it a great option for toting your towel and togs to the beach.

It might seem strange to describe any bright red bag as sedate, but when compared to the frothy fuchsia, sequined, and studded accessories the designer typically delivers this one is quite mellow. It relies on that red canvas and a seaside-styled knot trim to make the style statement.

This is a purse which says you enjoy fashion, but only when it's appropriate. Its practical design is much more important than its appearance, which while modern doesn't bend to the trends. The canvas finish for example isn't about style, but standing up to salty sea air and a little bit of water.

Betsey Johnson reserves the ostentation for the interior, which is sexily lined in black lace. It's a flirty touch which doesn't detract from the space's purpose. Your towel, flip flops, and the latest glossy magazine should stay safe inside the zippered interior. And the bonus zippered pouch is removable for quick trips to the ice-cream store.

At $125 this hobo is a little pricey for a beach bag, but not altogether unreasonable for one from a designer label.

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