Asian Deco Straw Beach Mat

Affordable Foldable Carry Woven Outdoor Rug

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Posted: Jan 8 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Asian Deco Beach MatAsian Deco offers an affordable alternative to a beach towel with this set of woven straw mats.

Of course, you won't be able to dry yourself once you emerge from the water with these babies. But you can sit and lie on them without worrying about sand getting in your swimsuit.

I can't imagine that straw would be as comfortable against our skin as terry cloth, cotton, or other traditional towel materials. But this natural fiber does breathe better, so your back won't get as sweaty on balmy summer days.

Often beach towels are simply too big to carry inside your tote, and Asian Deco solves that problem too. When folded up the mat converts to a handbag to make carrying easy. There's even a pocket in the front for holding your beachside reading material!

For me the biggest selling point is the price. Ordinarily Asian Deco charges a cheap and cheerful $14 for a set of five beach mats, enough for most families. However the package is currently available through Amazon for a meager $6, which makes them little more than a dollar each! Considering that we could happily use these mats during yoga classes or camping trips, I think that makes them a great buy!

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