Alexander Wang Makes Coffee Spill T-Shirt

New Limited Edition Starbucks Tee

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Posted: Sep 20 | No Comments |

Starbucks Alexander Wang T-ShirtIt looks like the shirt of a new mom who's too frazzled to clean herself up, but Alexander Wang hopes we'll be wearing his latest tee on the beach this summer.

"The first thing we thought of was what everyone tries to avoid—spilled coffee on a T-shirt," explained Wang.

It's certainly an interesting design concept to create a T-shirt made to mimic something undesirable! Wang's always been a cutting edge designer, but something tells me he's been too adventurous here.

The coffee stained T-shirt is one of four designed exclusively for beverage chain Starbucks. The other designers have taken a much more typical approach to the project though. Sophie Theallet's Global tee features country cut-outs, reminding us of the international spread of the coffee stores. Billy Reid offers two alternatives: the Vintage Splash for women with its Starbucks logo sleeve, and the soccer style Heritage tee for the lads.

The four T-shirts have been released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world's most famous coffee retailer. Each T-shirt costs $85 and is available from the Starbucks website and Starbucks stores across America. I might want to spend that amount on a shirt that helped a charity, but not one that merely lines Starbucks' already bulging pockets. For that price, I think I'll spill my own coffee!

[Source: Fashionista]

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