50 Hottest Women on Twitter 2009

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Bikini Woman Jumping

Pictures of the sexiest female tweeters
that we want to see in a bikini!

Twitter is quickly becoming 2009’s internet sensation and people from all over the world have jumped on board to ‘tweet’ about anything and everything. Anybody who is anybody seems to have a twitter account these days and here at BikiniBuys we thought we’d honor the craze with the first ever top 50 list of the hottest girls on twitter.

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We’ve looked through thousands of Twitter accounts spotting the beautiful women among them and chosen our top 50 (tough job I know!). If anybody still believed that Twitter was just a place where internet geeks hang out then this fine list of lookers will set them straight!

Some of the girls are worldwide famous celebs, while other’s are not so well known. Either way these are gorgeous girls! Don’t forget, if you see someone you like jump in and follow them, but don’t stop there, we need your help

Bikinis for Twitter Campaign…

We’ve recommended a bikini for every girl in our list and we’d like to ask for your help to see if we can get these girls to post a picture on twitter of themselves in a bikini. If they already have one then ask for another one!

Simply use twitter to send a message to your favorite girl in the list asking them to tweet a picture of themselves in a bikini and any that oblige we’ll post it here. Tag your tweets #bikinibuys so we can keep track. Enough tweets and I’m sure at least a few of the girls will answer to their fans!

You can follow us on Twitter here.

#50 Felicia Day


While just making it into the top 50 Felicia is actually one of the most popular girls on twitter with over half a million followers! She is a web series actor most notable for appearing in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and “The Guild.” A classic black triangle bikini would make this web hottie even hotter. View her tweets here: @feliciaday.

#49 Vanessa Simmons


Vanessa Simmons, in the right outfit, is the cuter daughter of rapper Rev Run. Recently she moved out of her parents house and started her own reality show “Daddy’s Girls” with her sister. We think it’s only a matter of time before she dawns a bikini on the show; preferably a Milly coral print string bikni like the one Beyonce and Ali Larter wears. She twitters on: @v_simmons.

#48 Amber Mac


[Image Source: flickr.com]

Amber MacArthur (Mac for short) worked for Microsoft as a web strategist, then moved on to design for Razorfish, and now hosts a bunch of Tech TV shows. If you thought you knew a well-rounded geek, think again. Speaking of well rounded, don’t you think she’d look nice in a African Safari bikini? View her twitter account here: @ambermacarthur.

#47 Lauren Conrad


Lauren (aka L.C.) is the reason the MTV reality show The Hills even started. With her fashion line, TV appearances, and all her product endorsements it’s estimated that she earns $1.5 million annually – certainly enough to buy a Rebel bikini, oh yeah! See her twitter here: @LaurenConrad.

#46 Gala Darling


Vlogger, blogger, and “International Playgirl” Gala loves to write about fashion and she certainly has her own style and a feisty cuteness about her. We’re certain she’d love to dawn a colorful pink polka dot two-piece; to match her hair of course. She updates almost hourly on @galadarling.

#45 Zadi Diaz


Zadi hosts the Webby award-winning web series EPIC-FU. No doubt, thousands of nerds are looking forward to the day when she puts on a Surf’s Up bikini. Catch her on twitter here: @Zadi.

#44 Marilia Siqueira


Marilia is a professional dancer and can be seen on the Latin American Disney channel. Since she’s from Brazil we have found a Brazilian tie bikini more than appropriate for her. @mariliasiqueira is where you can read her tweets. That is, if you speak Portuguese.

#43 Kimberly Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls)


When Kimberly isn’t being a choreographer or blazing stages with her fellow Pussycat Dolls, she does charity work for RAINN. Ideal choice: a high-cut red bikini. She’s known as a bit of a party girl and you can catch her tweets here: @KimberlyDoll.

#42 Mindy White


[Image Source: flickr.com]

Mindy is, by far, the most attractive member of indie rock band Lydia. She describes herself as a ‘musician, vegetarian, nashvillian, nomad, imagination station!’ Nashville may not have any beaches, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t want to put on a Batik Collection print bikini. Follow her on twitter here: @mindywhite, she tweets daily.

#41 Teagan Presley


This pornstar was Penthouse Pet in January of this year. She also has an x-rated web series called Sun Goddess Malibu where we’d love for her to dawn a leopard print bikini. A top, of course, would be optional.

Teagon is a very genourous tweeter regularly posting hot pics of herself (even softcore nude ones like this) so you ‘ll probably want to follow her tweets here: @MsTeagan.

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